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    Brooklyn's Strongest

    Building Strength–Inside & Out.

    CrossFit Coney Island is the home of Brooklyn’s tightest, results-oriented fitness community. We have one goal: getting you into the best shape of your life while having fun. By design, CrossFit is broad, functional, and inclusive—we take that to the next level. With the support of a community built on mutual respect, you’ll be part of a program that’s tough, dynamic, and never boring (we promise).


    While you'll be part of a community, we realize every member is an individual. We'll help you identify your unique needs and challenges, and then create a personalized plan to keep you accountable and on track. Our coaches are with you every step of the way to encourage you and avoid injury.


    Our community is led by a well educated and experienced staff.
    We provide fitness in a safe and fun atmosphere.

    Our goal is to cultivate longer, more fulfilling lives.


    Not your mom's bootcamp.

    What is EXHALE?

    • Light-weight, high-intensity calorie/fat burner! 
    • Specializing in core, cardio/fat-burning, and glutes.
    • No barbells (optional). 
    • Great for beginners and advanced athletes.
    • No Foundations or previous experience required.

    Personal Sessions

    Along with our insanely fun group classes we offer personal sessions for members looking for one-on-one attention. Personal Sessions incorporate a fitness program bespoke for your individual needs. Whatever your goals are we can help you get there!

    Call us to set up your first session!

    CFCI Weightlifting Barbell Club

    The Coney Island Barbell Club (CIBBC) is geared for members who are looking to improve their Olympic weightlifting. This program is suitable for all levels of experience, however, we recommend at least three months of weightlifting/CrossFit experience.


    We focus on classic Olympic Weightlifting lifts (snatch, clean& jerk) as well as supplemental movements, complexes, and techniques improving drills and general strength.


    Satellite Lifters receive a custom-built program so they can lift on their own time wherever they are. As satellite-lifter, you can send videos of your lifts to our coaches and receive a detailed analysis and recommendations.

    CFCI Kidz!

    CrossFit Kids is BIG (Broad-Inclusive-General) fun for all ages. We provide an active alternative to sedentary pursuits, which means less childhood obesity and greater all-around health for our kids. Second graders who love hop scotch and high-school varsity wrestlers need the same kinds of skills at different degrees. Our program is scalable for any age or experience level and accounts for varied levels of maturity.

    CFCI Strength Barbell Club

    The CFCI Strength Barbell Club (SBBC) is a small group class, where members receive individualized attention and focus on building strength in the most functional movements: squat, deadlift, bench, and strict press.

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    Get To Know Our Coaches

    Coach Elie

    Owner / Head Coach

    Street art enthusiast. Owner of the world's largest air guitar collection.

    In 2010 (one year before discovering CrossFit), Coach Elie suffered a back injury and for about six months, his left leg was 80% paralyzed. Neurologists told him he would have a severe limp for the rest of his life and never run again. Thanks to a combination of physical therapy and an introduction to CrossFit, Elie overcame the pain and paralysis. He is now stronger and fitter than he was before the injury. Overcoming this dramatic and daunting task inspired Elie to open a gym of his own to give everyone in his community the opportunity to write their own stories of success, no matter where their stories start.


    Before CFCI, Elie worked for eight years as an ABA therapist in a school for children with autism. Elie loves working with these kids so much he still spends his afternoons as the director of the school's after-school program.

    • B.S. Physical Education, Brooklyn College, 
      • Minor in Exercise Science
    • CF-L2
    • CF Kettlebell
    • CF Kids
    • CF Competitors
    • CF Adaptive Training
    • USAW
    • CPR, American Heart Association

    Coach Ben

    Coach Ben may not be the largest athlete on the floor but whatever he lacks in physical stature he makes up for with heart and dedication. This guy can fight through anything. Try to beat him in a burpee workout, we dare you.

    • CF-L1
    • CF Competitors
    • CF Kids
    • CF Gymnastics 
    • CF Adaptive Training
    • CPR, American Heart Association

    Coach "Selfie" Scott

    Family man and avid selfie-taker, few people ever get the privilege of meeting someone with a heart as big as Scott's; and we're lucky enough to see him every day at 6a.m.!

    (We used this picture because we're pretty sure it's the only one of Scott that's not a selfie.)

    • CF-L1

    Coach Jason

    An Olympic lifting prodigy, this humble man lifts like the off-spring of a beast and an angel. A student of the sport, Coach Jason can help improve anyone's technique. If you want to lift like a legend he's the one for you.

    • CF-L1
    • CF Competitors

    Coach Stephanie

    Don't be fooled by her bubbly demeanor and bright smile–Stephanie is a tenacious competitor and an insightful coach. She has dedicated the last few years to honing her skills and knowledge in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting and there are very few people that are better at coaching it.

    • USAW
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