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CFCI Games: Events 8 and 9

Earlybirds: Cross Symmetry

WU: shoulder mobility and rotator cuff prep



10 Ring rows

5 kick up to handstand / :30 second handstand hold / 25ft. Handstand walk

A. CFCI Games: Event 8 (10 miuntes)

5 max effort attempts to accumulate as many points as possible:

Ring HSPU (x5 points/rep) So, if you get 3 reps in a set it equals 15 points.

SHSPU (x2 points/rep)

Kipping HSPU (x1 points/rep)

HR push ups (x.25 points/rep)

10 minutes to warm up Event 9...

B. CFCI Games: Event 9

"Duece Duece Duece"

2 Rounds for time:

22 T2B

22 Power clean and Jerks (95/65)

200m Plate Run (45/35, to the 800 mark on the ground and back)

Extra Credit: ARMS

5 x

15 KB curls (alt, 15/15)

25 banded tri pull downs

Why you should never get drunk and try handstands...

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