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Friday, 2/26/2016

CrossFit Games Open 16.1

WU. Shoulder Mobility and prep (10 minutes)
25ft walking lunge (PVC)
10 Hollowbody/superman (kip practice)
A. Competition: CrossFit Games Open WOD 16.1



25-ft. overhead walking lunge (95/65)*
8 Bar-facing burpees 
25-ft. overhead walking lunge (95/65)
8 chest-to-bar pull-ups


25-ft. front rack walking lunge (45/35)*
8 Bar-facing burpees
25-ft. front rack walking lunge (45/35)
8 jumping chin-over-bar pull-ups

Prior to starting this workout, each athlete will need to mark a starting point on the floor, measure out 25 feet and make another mark on the floor at the finishing point. Additionally, intermediate marks must be made at every 5-foot interval, each of which represents 1 rep of the lunge.
We will try run two heats per class. 
If you are not signed up for the Open your lunges will be in place, not walking. 
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