The PVC Game. (Burpee Pull Ups)

A. Strength: Weighted Pull Ups (6:00)

Build to a heavy 3. Lets see what you got.

If you don't (yet) have 5+ Strict Pull-Ups:

DB Rows: 3 x 10, each hand, AHAP

Banded Lat Pull-Downs: 2 x 15 (if you have extra time, or after class)

B. Conditioning

In teams of 3! For Time:
800m Sandbag Run (100/70) (buy in)
2 Rounds of:
54 Burpees Pull-Ups (scale 3 Burpees + 3 Pull-Ups)
54 Burpee Box Jump Overs
800m Sandbag Run (Cash out)

Time Cap: 30:00

One partner Works at a time. Divide the reps any ol' way you choose, as long as its equal. Try to keep the runs equal, too.


Extra Credit: Meal Prep.

When your buddy asks you to partner up for a nasty WOD....

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