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WOD - 11/27/2015
The Friday after Thanksgiving

Hope you all had (or are having) a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I'm sure you all did a wonderful job protecting your six-packs with a healthy layer of fat with that 5th serving of stuffing. ;)
I was blown away by the level of sportsmanship everyone at the box showed during the competition. I am blessed to be surrounded by so many great people.  I have so much to be thankful for; one of them being around the best group of people I've ever seen.
A reminder that our Friday schedule has changed.
Come and train with us
Open gym
10a - 12a
6p- 8p
For those of you who did not compete on Thursday (if you did compete scroll down. Don't worry, I programmed for you too):
A. Strength: Back Squat
20 minutes to establish a new 3RM
B. Conditioning:
Choose one of the WODs from yesterday's competition
Event #2
30 Cal row
30 Hang power snatches (95/65)
30 cal row
30 Hang power cleans (75/50)
Event #3
For time:
Deadlifts (225/155)
Over-the-bar burpees
Final Event
10 Cleans (165/115)
15 Ring dips
If you competed on Thursday:
A. WU. 
1k m row, light
A. Mobility
Spend 30-45 minutes rolling out and stretching sore muscles etc.
B. 3k m row. Easy, conversational pace. 
15-20 mins on the airdyne. Easy, conversational pace.
A Bill Murray run on he day after Thanksgiving.
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