The 2015 Open season is coming to a close and Id like to say how proud I am of this box. watched you push yourselves well beyond what you thought was your limit.  I hope you can see what I see and so you have a new found respect for yourself and your abilities.  I've said it once and I'll say it again... You are stronger than you think. 
In lieu of the Open we are going to have a "deload" week. We're going to take it down one notch and let your bodies recover actively. Starting next week we will hit it hard again with a strength cycle and all that jazz. In the meantime, sit back, relax and enjoy the WOD.
WU. Inch worms across the box
alternating tabata: supermans/hollowbody
A. Deadlift:
3 x 5 (moderate weight. Nothing crazy. Feel the weight, hit your sets, perfect form)
B. AMRAP in 5 mins:
4 deadlifts (225/155)
6 burpees
8 wallballs
Rest 2 mins
AMRAP in 5 mins:
4 deadlifts (225/155)
6 burpees
8 wallballs
C. Extra credit:
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