Early birds: Crossover Symmetry

WU. Shoulder mobility and prep


With an empty bar or light weight, focusing on technique:

(7 minutes)

Tall Jerk + Push Jerk

5 x (3+3)

A. Strength: Jerk complex: 18 minutes

Work your way up to a heavy complex of:

2 Pause Jerks + 1 Jerk

If you max-out early, break it down to 80% and hit 3 more sets.

B. Conditioning


Push press (95/65)

Over the bar burpees

Time cap: 12 minutes

Extra credit

100 [unbroken*] Crunches

*Every time you stop complete 10 deficit push ups (4")

Here is a video of me taking things very seriously.  

Side note: It is very important to open your mouth when you dip.

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