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WOD - Friday, 1/26/2018



12 DB Snatches (Light, practice new transition standards)

10 Game's style Burpees (to 6" target, practice the new standards)

50ft. walking lunges

A. Strength: Deadlift (25 minutes)
5 x 5 @70% of your 1RM, Rest on each lift.

B. Conditioning:
DB snatches (50/35, Open standards*)
Burpees over DB (Open Standards**)

Time Cap: 10:00.

Extra Credit: Durante's Core

3-5 Rounds for Quality
10 Hollow Rocks
10 V-Ups
10 Tuck Ups
10 second Hollow Hold
1 minute Rest

*New Dumbbell Snatch Rules
Last years rule about the dumbbell snatch was that you could switch the hand, that was holding the dumbbell over head. The new rule is that changing over head makes the snatch a no rep.

Now you must change hand while the dumbbell is below eye level to make it count.

As always both sides of the dumbbell have to touch the floor before going up again.

The weight of the dumbbell was 50 lbs/22,5 kg for men and 35 lbs/ 15 kg for women.

*New Burpee Rule
The rules of the burpee has also been fixed.

In the in the burpee you must jump or kick your feet backwards, at the same time, and jump up with both feet at the same time. You also had to jump with both feet over the dumbbell, you were allowed to take a step towards the dumbbell if you had somehow jumped too far or if you where not at the dumbbells side.

If you don´t jump, just step backwards, then it will be judged as a scaled version. Of course, as always, your chest has to touch the floor when you go down.

You must then raise yourself to a standing position before you jump over the dumbbell. Hips flexed for the jump, not like in a burpee over bar where you can jump almost lying down.

After the trio finished showing the workout other could try it out. I did, it was really fun and knocked the wind out of me.

Try it out for yourself to prepare for the other 5 workouts to come in the 2018 Open.

When coach programs Deadlifts on Friday....

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