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WOD - Friday, 10/13/2017

With an empty bar or PVC
3 High Hang Muscle Snatches (hips)
3 Hang Muscle Snatches (1”above the knee)
3 Hang Power Snatches (mid shin)
3 Power snatches
x 3

A. Strength: 3 Position Snatch Complex (17 minutes)

5 minutes to warm up movement and get to starting weight

1 High hang power snatch + 1 Hang power snatch (1” above the knee) + 1 Power snatch.
Start at 50% of your 1RM power snatch. Climb in weight as you please throughout the EMOTM.

B. Conditioning

28 Wallballs
21 BFB
14 C2B
7 Power snatches (135/95)

Extra Credit: ARMS!

Accumulate 100 DB curls and 100 banded triceps extensions. Divide reps/sets any way you choose.

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