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WOD - Friday, 10/19/2018

3 RFQ (empty bar)
7 Power clean and Jerks (focus on smooth cycling)
7 Front squats
7 Games-style Burpees

A. Strength: Back Squat (18:00)
Build to a heavy Single. If you’re feeling good this can be a 1RM

B. Skill: Barbell Cycling (Barbells 4 Boobs Prep)

5 T&G Power Clean and Jerks (155/105)

Coach's Notes

I have the weight heavier than the Rx weight for “Grace” because I want the barbell to feel surprisingly light on Sunday. Use the weight you plan on using for “Grace” or Go heavier. All reps here should be touch and go. (If you can't do this with the weight you were planning on hitting "Grace with...maybe you should rethink the weight....)

Rest 2:00

C. Finisher
ME Bar-Facing Burpees (Open Standards)

Coach's Notes:

The Burpees should be an all out sprint!

One reason Im going for this stimulus (glycolytic) with these burpees is because “Grace” should have a similar feel (super fast, high intensity, <3:00). I like using burpees here because it’ll trigger your response similarly to other high intensity workouts without taxing the your CNS. Thus, not only will you get a good workout and a good feel for how intense "Grace" should be, you should be fresh for Sunday’s Barbells for Boobs Event.

Can't wait to see you there!!

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