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WOD - Friday, 12/4/2015

Back Squat Cycle Graduation Day!!

WU. Hip mobility
Toy soldiers x1 across the box
Butt kickers x1 across the box
Karaokes x1 across the box
Broad jumps x1 across the box
x 2
A. Strength: Back squat (25 minutes)
Establish a new 1RM
Suggested warm up reps
2 x 5 @50
5 @ 65%
4 @75%
2-3 @85%
1 @~92%
1 @101+%
B. Conditioning
For time:
Thrusters (95/65)
Pull ups
Time cap: 10 mins
Congratulations!! We've made it to the end of CFCI's Fall Back Squat Cycle!! I hope this journey was one full of adventure, PRs and GAINZ!  
Honestly, I am proud of the hard work you put into this cycle and your dedication is inspires me. Pat yourself on the back and celebrate sticking through something most people wouldn't even attempt; and because of it I hope you feel stronger and more powerful (mentally and physically) than ever before. 
And it only gets better.
When you "graduate" a squat cycle.
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