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WOD - Friday, 3/25/2016


Its here!! The final workout in the 2016 Open season. This was a blast. The WODs were all solid, each one had its own charm to it. More importantly, I saw some unbelievable accomplishments from every single athlete. You should be very proud of yourselves for your the hard work and dedication. So much more badass than a few evenings "exercising" on the elliptical machine...

One more left. Attack it with all you got and have fun with it. See you on the other side.... 



10 Thrusters (empty bar)

5 Bar facing burpees

A. Competition: CrossFit Games Open Workout 16.5

For time:

Thrusters (Rx = 95/65, Scaled = 65/45, please use a trainer bar)
Bar-Facing burpees

We did this on 2/26/16. You are ready for this!

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