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WOD - Friday, 3/30/2018

WU: Speed/Agility ladder

A. Strength: Bent-Over Rows

10-10-8-8-6-6-4-4, Climbing in weight, AHAP with reps looking beautiful.

B. Conditioning

"Hold on to you Ego"


50ft DB Front Rack Lunges (50s/35s, 25ft/25ft, like the open last year)

20/16 Cal Row

I go / you go, switch after complete rounds.

"Resting" partner will be holding a barbell loaded with (185/125, 135/95) while working partner works. Working partner may only work if "resting" partner is holding the barbell up.

So, if the resting partner puts down the barbell while the other partner is rowing, the rowing partner must stop rowing until the barbell is off the ground.  

Extra Credit: Ring rows

4 x ME, Rx athletes do this while keeping a false grip.

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