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WOD - Friday, 4/19/2019

Warm-up #1
200m KB Front Rack Carry (100m then switch hands at turnaround)
1 KB. Pick a weight that will be challenging but you think you can go the whole way without putting down the KB.

Warm-Up #2: Pull-Up Prep
3 RFQ:
10 Straight-Arm Banded Lat Pull Down
10 Scap Only Pull-ups
5 Strict T2B
1-5 Strict Pull-ups
50ft. Backward Bear Crawl (butt first)

20-Minute AMRAP of:
400m Run
Max Rep Pull-ups

When you come in from the run complete one set of max pull-ups. When you come off the bar go back out and repeat. Score is total pull ups.

Extra Credit
Single-Arm KB Front Rack Carry
400m. 1 KB.
Switch hands at 200m. (53/35)


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