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WOD - Friday - 4/26/2019

Turkish Get Up (1 x 2)
5:00-10:00 to Practice movement.
Hit a few reps at the weight you plan on hitting for the MetCon.

Strength: Tempo Back Squat (12:00)

3 x 7 @50% (5/1/0/1)

:05 down
:01 at the bottom
grab a breath at the top and carry on.
"Not Your Average Grandpa"
400m KB/DB Suitcase Carry (88/70)
800m Run
10 Turkish Get Ups (5/5, alteranate, 53/35)
750m Row/Ski (45/30 Cal Bike)
400m KB/DB Suitcase Carry (88/70)

This is NOT for time. Rather, stay focused on the quality of the movements. For the runs/cardio apparatuses, find a pace you can maintain throughout and allow yourself to meditate on your breathing or even let your mind wander - as long as you keep a good pace. Theres is no cap for this workout but aim to get it under 35:00.

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