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WOD - Friday, 6/1/2018


200m waiter carry (to the 800 and back, 100m each side, 35/20)

Waiter's carry: Holding one KB or DB over your head (elbow locked, thumb back) while the other hand holds a KB/DB by your side (like a farmer's carry).

A. Strength: Bench press/ring rows (20 minutes)
8 x 3 @80%

10 Ring rows after every set of bench - including warm up sets.

B. Conditioning
For time:

100 Burpee box jump-overs (Open standard)

Time Cap: 15 minutes

Get into a rhythm and go...and then keep going.

Compare to your score from Friday, 6/2/2017

Coach Elie's time to beat: 8:42 (2017).

Extra Credit: Row/Bike

2k, nice and easy (row)

10:00 min bike, easy

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