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WOD - Friday, 6/10/2016

WU. Hip, ankle, front rack position mobility and prep



10 USSR KB swings (2 KBs, 1 in each hand)

10 KB cleans (2 KBs, 1 in each hand)

10 KB front rack squats


15 Burpee KB G2OH (not for time)

This should be on the light side. Get your body familiar with this movement.

A. Strength: Back Squat (15 minutes)

Build to a heavy 5

B. Conditioning:

4 Rounds, each for time (20 minutes).

ODD rounds (1/3):

5 minutes to complete:

7 Burpee KB G2OH (53/35)* KBs in hand, perform a burpee then bring KBs OH in any way (snatch or clean & jerk)

7 KB front rack squats (53/35)*

14 Box jump overs

use remaining time to rest

EVEN rounds (2/4):

5 minutes to complete

20 T2B (Unbroken, preferably)

1 Bill Murray

Use remaining time to rest. 

Record times for each of the 4 rounds. Your goal is to move as fast as possible. Go unbroken (if possible). MOVE. FAST.

*Scale accordingly.

Who wears short shorts??!!

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