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WOD - Friday, 7/1/2016

WU: Shoulder mobility and prep


5 Snatch pulls

5 Hang power snatches

5 Behind-the-neck snatch-grip push jerks

5 Power snatches

x 2

A. Strength: Power snatch (15 minutes)

Work up to a heavy single. This is not a necessarily a max. However, if its feeling good (and looking good - according to your coach) you can try for a responsible 1RM.

B. Conditioning


6 Power snatchs (95/65)

9 Box jumps (step down)

12 T2B

Extra credit: 

100 hollow rocks (unbroken)*

*Every time you stop/rest complete 1 wall walk. 

When coach gives you the option to hit a PR...

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