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WOD - Friday, 7/20/2018

"The Nuker"
Every :30 x 8 (4:00)
5 KBs (light) + 5 Air Squats

A. Strength: KB Front Rack Tempo Squats (13:00)
2-3 working sets, AHAP
5 KB Front Rack Squats (tempo: 3/0/0/0, :03 descent)
5 tempo 2/2/0/0 (:02 descent + :02 hold at the bottom)
5 1/0/0/0 (fast reps)
Set is 15 total reps and takes :45-1:00. (rest 2:00 between sets).

Take a few minutes to play with the movements and tempo...then commit to a heavy pair of KBs and go for a heavy set...then repeat two more times with some rest between sets.

B. Strength: Strict Press/Push Press (10:00)
Work up to a heavy 5+3 (5 Strict Press + 3 Push Presses)

C. Conditioning
“Goodbye! Nice to Know You.”
45 Thrusters (95/65)

Score is total reps.

Extra Credit: Do the R.O.W. or the W.O.W.

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