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WOD - Friday, 7/3/2015

WU. Clean Complex:
(with an empty bar)
1 Hang pull
2 Hang power cleans
3 Hang cleans
4 front Squats
5 strict shoulder presses 
x 2
A1. Strength: Bench press
10 minutes to hit a heavy 2
A2.  E2MOTM for 8 mins (4 sets)
3 bench presses @ 80% of part A1
B. Conditioning:
"Hang Elizabeth"
Hang cleans* (135/95)
Ring dips
*Yes, the hang cleans are, in fact, with a squat. You'll do great!
Yes, that is Elizabeth Taylor slapping Marlon Brando in the face with a stick. Why?? Because the internet. 
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