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WOD - Friday, 8/24/2018

WU: Turkish Get-ups
Work up to a heavy triple - each hand.

A. Strength: Bulgarian Split Squat (15:00)
5 x (5 reps each leg)
Squatting with one leg elevated behind you.
With your foot back on either a 20" box or a bench, complete 5 reps on each side. These are really hard and will leave you pretty sore, but they must be done to prevent imbalances. Go light at first and build as heavy as you're comfortable. It's best to start with your weaker leg. #Bootygainz
You can use a barbell on your back or DBs in the Front-rack position or in by your sides as in a farmer’s carry.

B. Conditioning

1. 15/12 Cal Row
2. 18 Wall Balls (20/14)
3. Max Russian KB Swings (70/53)

Record total swings.

Extra Credit: Midline
Not For Time:
AbMat Sit-Ups

:20 Second L-Sit after each round

Sometimes you swing the KB... and sometimes it swings you.

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