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WOD - Friday. 9/21/2018

With an empty bar or PVC:
4 Hang muscle cleans
4 Front Squats
4 Tall Cleans
4 Hang Cleans
x 2

A. Strength: Cleans (10:00)

Prepare for today's MetCon (B1)

Suggested: Rx (Scaled)
95/65, (65/45) x 2 x 1.1.1
135/95, (95/65) x 2 x 1.1.1
185/125, (135/95) x 2 x 1.1
225/155, (155/105) x 3 x 1

B. CrossFit Games Team Series Workouts #1 & #2 (21:00)
B1. CrossFit Games Team Series Workout #2

For time
20 Cleans (135/95, 95/65)
20 Cleans (185/125, 135/95)
20 Cleans (225/155, 155/105)

Time Cap 7:00

Rest 7:00

B2. CrossFit Games Team Series Workout #1
Bar-Facing Burpees (Open standards)

Score = Total Burpees

If you have a partner for the Team Series grab them and do it in class with them. Try to get someone to Judge you!!!

If you don’t have a partner but would like one hit up your coaches and we’ll try to network til we get you one. Its WAY more fun to workout WITH someone than it is to workout AGAINST someone.

Get on it!! These things are way fun!!!!

Extra Credit: Hit the W.O.W.

Heading to the gym when you know you and your partner are going to crush these workouts.  


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