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WOD - Monday, 10/1/2018

Congrats to Michelle on her second place finish on Sunday, 9/30, in the Ruby Sablo Memorial Weightlifting Competition. Michelle's great day on the platform came from months of dedicated work under the sharp eye of coach Jason. We are so proud of her!

The Coney Island Barbell Club had three athletes in Sunday's competition and all three landed on the podium!

Michelle Chu: 2nd Place, women's 55kg division

Stephen Safdeye: 1st Place, men's 67kg division

Elie Zeitlin: 1st Place, men's 89kg division


3 RFQ:
3 T2B

4 Alt. DB snatches
5 DB box step-overs (light DBs)
4 Alt. DB snatches

A. Strength: Back Squat (16:00)
These are not maxes! While these lifts may get heavy–they should not be maximal effort. We have back squat cycle around the corner and I want you to take today to get the feel for heavyish back squats. You may highbar or lowbar–up to you. The upcoming back squat cycle will be athlete’s choice highbar/lowbar - but I want the athletes to stick to whichever one they choose for the entire duration of the cycle.

We can discuss the pros and cons of HBBS vs LBBS in class.

B. Conditioning
Team Series Workout #8
For time, with a partner:
30 synchro T2B
40 synchro single-arm DB snatches
50 synchro dumbbell box step-overs
40 synchro single-arm dumbbell snatches
30 synchro T2B

Rx = 50/35, 24/20, 2 DBs for the Box step overs.

Official Scale = 35/20, 20"/20", 2 DBs for the step overs

You can do this as a solo workout with exactly the same reps scheme.

Extra Credit: Core
1:00 Plank (add weight if possible)
35 Hollowrocks
5-15 Compression Crunches

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