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WOD - Monday, 10/15/2018


2-3 RFQ:

10 Single-led DB/KB Deadlifts (5/5)

5 Single-arm DB/KB Thrusters (Nondominant hand)

5 Rainbow T2B (R+L = 1)

5 Single-arm DB/KB Thrusters (Dominant hand)

A. Strength: Back Squat (20:00)
5x5 @78% of you 5RM (10/8/2018)
If missed the 5rm last week hit it today.

B. Conditioning (15:00)
With a running clock
at 0:00, for time
Thrusters (115/85)

At 10:00:

400m run for time.

Record both times.

Extra Credit: Hip Thrusts
5 x 10. AHAP, but unbroken

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