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WOD - Monday, 10/26/2015

Fall Squat cycle, week #3, 5 x 5
CFCI's 1 year anniversary!

Shoulder mobility
Clean complex (empty bar)
4 hang power cleans
5 Hang cleans
6 Clean pulls
7 Cleans
x 2
A. Strength: Back Squat (20 minutes)
5 x 5 @84% of your 5RM (10/9/2015)
B. Conditioning
This metcon is inspired by the final event from Saturday's competition:
For time:
100 double unders (buy in)
cleans (205/135)
Bar muscle ups 
100 double unders (buy out)
Time cap: 12 minutes
Hey everyone, 
October 26 is CFCI's one year anniversary! That means that one year ago we opened our doors to the community and our lives haven't been the same since.  I'd say that's pretty cool.
Thank you for all of your support, dedication and love.  We're so excited for the adventures (and PRs) this next year has for us.
How we'll celebrate our 50th anniversary.
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