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WOD - Monday, 10/8/2018

Lets start The Zeitlin Back Squat Cycle!!!

400m Medball Run
7 Wallballs
7 KBs (USSR)
7 Games-style Burpees (>6”)

A. Strength: Back Squat (25:00)
Establish a new 5RM

This is the beginning of The Zeitlin Squat Cycle. The 5RM is what most of the numbers will be based off of so its important to make sure you hit it - and remember it (we all know how important it is to track your progress). If this is not your first season through this cycle you know how demanding - but rewarding this cycle can. If this is your first time through it, get ready to work

Your 5RM should be ~85% (+/-2%) of your 1RM

B. Tester
Row 500m for time.
A 500m row is an all out sprint.

Extra Credit: Reverse DB Lunges/GHD SU
4 x 8-10, each side

10-20 GHD SUs between sets.
Pick a weight that's challenging

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