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WOD - Monday, 11/20/2017



10 KB swings

10 Goblet squats

5 Box jumps (step down)

A. Strength: Back Squat (13:00)

1 x 20 @73%

B. Conditioning:

With a partner!

6 Front Rack barbell lunges (95/65)
8 S2OH (95/65)

10 Box jumps (30/24)
*You go, I go.
*Every time someone completes 6+8+10 it counts as a round.

Extra Credit: Sandbag Hold (bear hug)

Accumulate 5:00 holding the sandbag (100/70)*

*Every time you drop the bag complete 20 GHD SUs/V-ups

Cap this at 10:00 or 120 GHD SUs or V-ups - whatever comes first.

When you see theres a partner WOD on a Monday...but then you start to figure out how nasty the workout will be...

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