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WOD - Monday - 12/24/2018

We will have regular classes is in the AM. All evening classes are cancelled.

We will be closed on Tuesday, 12/25/2019. However, stay tuned for announcements of open gyms.

10 KB Front Rack Step ups (light, 5/5)
10 Double KB Swings (USSR)
5 Box Jumps (step Down)
:30 L-sit hold

Back Squat (10-5-5-3-1-1)
Build to 85-90% of your goal 1RM back Squat that you hope to hit on Sunday's CF Total.
Example sets:
35% x 8-10
50% x 5
65% x 3-5
75% x 2-3
85% x 1
92% x 1
(Example percentages are of your current 1RM.)
Keep the volume low hit your weight and move on. DO NOT GO FOR A 1RM TODAY. This is a practice run at hitting your new 1RM on Sunday.

For time:
50 Box Step Overs with Dumbbells

Time Cap: 15:00

Extra Credit
1K Ski Erg (Time)
1000m on the Ski Erg for time.
This is the WOW

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