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WOD - Monday, 12/25/2017


We will have a special Xmas day schedule. 
Open gym noon-3 and again 6pm - 8pm.
Come in and get some Xmas gainz.

1500m row. Easy pace.

A. Strength: Back Squat
5x5 @98% of your 5RM. We've been working our tails off all season and this is almost the end of our autumn back squat cycle and one of the last heavy days before we test our 1RM in the C.F. total on January 7.

B. Conditioning
5 x 500m row / rest 1 min between. Record avg time. 
The goal here is to maintain a consistent pace for all 5 sets. 
This isn't flashy - but what it lacks in flash it makes up for in effectiveness. Anyone who's done a 5 x 500m/1 min rest knows how good this can be. Anyone who hasn't owes it to themself.
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