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WOD - Monday, 12/3/2018

Sunday, 12/9, 6PM
Bring your favorite holiday dish. Wear your coziest PJs (ugly sweaters are OK too!)
There will be Kosher and non-Kosher foods available.

Mon., 12/24: A.M. classes only (6/ 7/8)
Tues., 12/25: CLOSED
Mon., 12/31: A.M. classes only (6/7/8)
Tues., 1/1/2019: CLOSED (there may be open gym hrs - stay tuned)

We're starting a deload this week. The goal this week will be to improve your movement quality, keep your body moving while not getting too heavy. No one cares how heavy you lift if it looks like poopoo.

3 RFQ:
10 KB Snatches (5/5)
10 Overhead Walking Lunges (bumper plates or KBs)
10 Single-Arm Ring Rows (5/5)

A. Strength: Front Rack Box Step Up (1 x 10, each leg)
Build to a heavy 10.

Start with your non-dominant leg. Then, match it with dominant leg.
20" box for everyone
You may use a barbell, DBs or KBs.

B. Metcon
Jackie (Time)
For Time:
1000m Row
50 Thrusters, 45#
30 Pull-ups

"Jackie" is a benchmark workout. Top RXers will be leaderboarded. Scores must be verified by coach or Rx athlete.

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