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WOD - Monday, 2/18/2019

2 Rounds for Quality
10 KB Front Rack Sotts Press (1 KB, 5/5, light)
5 C2B (strict if possible)
5 HSPU (strict if possible)

Weightlifting: Cleans
5:00 to warm up
1.1 Cleans.

Start at 50% of your 1RM clean and climb as you please. You may continue to climb as long as your cleans are high quality. Record heaviest Double.

Metcon (14:00)
1. AMRAP 4:00
Complete 200 Double Unders
if completed under 4:00 rest remaining time

Rest 1:00

2. AMRAP 4:00
20 Lateral Burpees over Bar
ME Cleans (@85% of Part A.)

Rest 1:00

3. AMRAP 4
7 Wallballs
14 T2B
1. For the DUBz: record time completed in "reps." If you're time was 3:45 your score is 345. if you didn't finish the dubs your score is 4:00 + incomplete reps (if I was at 75 at the cap my score would be 4:25)

2. Score is total reps including burpees. If you hit 12 cleans your score is 32.

3. Record rounds and reps.

Extra Credit: Open Prep
2k Ski
Yep. Do it. Its really not a big deal. Focus on your breathing. (Exhale every pull.)

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