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WOD - Monday, 2/19/2018


Single-arm DB/KB OH Reverse Lunges

2 x 8/8 (Alternate feet every rep, switch arms after 8 reps, light)

2 x 6/6 (Alternate feet every rep, switch arms after 6 reps, heavier)

A. Strength: Thrusters (19:00)

7 Minutes to build to a heavy triple



3 Thrusters (135/95) + 3 C2Bs

B. Conditioning

CrossFit Games Open Workout 12.1


ME Game’s Style Burpees (6” target)

Score is total GS Burpees.

Extra Credit: 1 Giant set of Durante’s Core

1 Round for quality:

30-50 Hollowrocks*

30-50 V-ups

30-50 Tuck-ups

:30-:50 Hollow Hold

*Perform 10-25 Push-ups after each movement

VR double under on point.

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