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WOD - Monday, 2/29/2016

3 RNFT of:
12 Overhead Squats (pvc or appropriate barbell)
5-10 Ring Dips 
8 Box jumps (step down)
A. Plyometrics/power (12 minutes)
Establish a max height box jump (no steps leading into jump)
B. Conditioning:
29 KBs (53/35)
29 HR push ups
29 Air squats
rest 1 minute
2 Rounds for time:
29 KBs (53/35)
29 HR push ups
29 Air squats
2 scores, reps and time. 
Extra Credit: Turkish Get-ups
10 Heavy TGs each arm. 
Every small box owners reaction to Dave Castro's announcement of 16.1...
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