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WOD - Monday, 3/25/2019


I would like to take a moment to congratulate all of you who participate in the 2019 Open. You may not realize it but its a very badass thing to take part in. You are doing the same competition as some of the best athletes in the world. First-time Openers get a special ovation for taking that leap of faith and kicking ass in a competition you really have no idea whats comin at ya. Bravo!!!

We will spend the next 5-7 days as a dedicated time to deload and recover from the Open. Deloads are important in any serious training protocol to ensure proper recovery was established before we can attack future workouts with our full potential; both physically and mentally. This doesn't mean the training will be easy. It means will take a step back from the intensity, volume and weight while still maintaining quality workouts incorporating strength and conditioning - and mindful skill work.
The Open is over and spring is on its way so our program will shift a tad leaning towards building a solid physique, getting a PUMP!, overall strength...and of course - getting ready for MURPH.
Coach Elie


10 Cal Bike/ski/ (or 15 Burpees)
20 Cal Row
30 Double Unders
400m Farmer Carry with 1 KB (70/53 suitcase carry, 35/26 Waiter Carry)

*If possible, switch every other round to an overhead carry. You may need to go a little lighter, but it's great core stabilization and isometric shoulder strength.
*Try not to lean to one side or the other on the single arm carry. Fight to stay even and you will get a better core workout. It's also the purpose of the single arm carry.
*If there are any movements you really want to work on, you can sub out the farmer carry for a "goat" movement for 2-3min. each round. You can only do this option if KNOW what you want to do.

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