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WOD - Monday, 3/4/2019


DB Warm Up #1
3RFQ, with one DB:
16 DB Over head Lunges (Alternate, 8/8)
12 DB Snatches (Alternate, 6/6)
8 Single Arm DB Thrusters (4R/4L)

Strength: Deadlift (12:00)

Build to a heavy triple , 1 x 3


"Static Electricity"
For time:
Bar-Facing Burpees
Deadlifts (245/165)

Cap: 16:00*
The working weight on the DL may not exceed 70% of your 1RM DL.

*If capped: +1 Second to the 16:00 cap. Additionally, you will have a 10 calorie penalty per unfinished rep to be completed before you leave the gym.
Scale accordingly. ;)

RX+ + 275/180. Same rules/guidelines from above apply here, 15 calorie penalty per unfinished rep.

Extra Credit: Open Prep
"1 Tequila/2 Tequila/3 Tequila/Floor"
3 RFT:
22 Cal Ski
22 Cal Row
22 Cal Bike

If you havent already, hit this.

+1 pt for your team. 5:30PM deadline to earn points for your team.

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