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WOD - Monday, 4/15/2019

400m Run
3 RFQ of Cindy

Cindy is
5 Pull ups
10 Push ups
15 Squats

If you plan on wearing a vest during Murph put one on for a round or two in the WU. Please put vest back neatly upon completion of WU.

Strength: KB Front Rack Box Step Up 

8-10 x 5
5-8 Weighted pull ups (strict)
5 Strict HSPUs
5-12 GHD SUs (10-15 Sit Ups)
(After every set, including warmups)
Step Ups: 5 Each leg. Build to a weight in which 5 is challenging but doable.
PUs and sHSPUs: Both movement should be very challenging...but also unbroken throughout.
This is one of my favorite movement combos and I do it all the time.


800m Run (Time)
Max Effort 800m Run
Time Cap: 8:00

Extra Credit: Side Planks 

5 x :45 each side, :45 rest
:45 Right side
:45 Left
:45 Rest
x 5


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