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WOD - Monday, 5/7/2018

WU: Barbell Skill Work
With an empty bar or PVC:
4 Hang muscle cleans
4 Hang power cleans
4 Front Squats
4 Cleans
x 3

A. Strength:

Part 1: Cleans (12:00)
4 minutes to warm up to a weight you feel comfortable starting the EMOTM.
1 Clean + 1 Hang Clean

Climb as you please. If you find a weight you like stay there. Go as heavy as you want...but no misses....

Directly into:

Part 2: Front Squat (9:00)
Build to a heavy triple

B. Conditioning
For time:
50 Wallballs (20/14)
800m run

Time Cap: 10:00

Extra Credit 1: GHD SUs
5 x 8-24


Extra Credit 2: Hip Thrusts

3-5 x 10

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