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WOD - Monday, 6/11/2018


400m medball run




Games-style Burpees

A. Strength: Front Squat (16:00)
2 x 5 @70%
3 x 3 @80%

B. Conditioning
“You Know I Love You, Right?”
M.E. Wallballs*
Every 3:00, including 0:00
200m run + 7 C2B

Score = total WBs.

WBs do not have to be unbroken.

Extra Credit 1: Double Under Practice. 
If you have 50+ unbroken DUs - go for 3 sets max effort unbroken (Record top set on white board).
If you do not have 50+ unbroken take at least 5:00 to work on this skill.

Extra Credit 2: GHD SUs
5 x 5-25

Want to go unbroken for the wallballs today??

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