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WOD - Monday, 6/13/2016

Early birds: Cross symmetry. 

WU. Shoulder, hip and ankle mobility and prep, front rack prep


3 RNFT: (with PVC or empty bar)

10 Sott's presses

10 OHS

5 Burpees

A. Strength: Front Squats

5 x 3 @83%

B. Conditioning:


5 Rounds for time

15 OHS (95/65)

400m run

Time cap: 20 minutes. Scale accordingly. 

"Nancy" Is a benchmark (aka a "girl") workout.  If you Rx it and get a top 5 male/female score and you can be immortalized on our scoreboard. To be immortalized, you must have an other athlete or coach watch and verify your score. 

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