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WOD - Monday, 8/29/2016

Mobility: hips, knees, ankles, shoulders.


With an empty bar,

3 Power cleans

3 Front squats

3 Squat cleans

3 Thrusters

× 3

A. Strength: Front squat (Wave cycle, week 7]) (17 minutes)

Working sets:

1. 3 x @80%

2, 1 x @90%

3. 3 x @82%

4. 1 x @92%

5. 3 x @84%

6. 1 x @94%

Rest between 1:30 - 2:00 between sets.

These percentages are based off your most recent FS 1RM (We tested on 7/11/16).

Warm up the same way you normally would till you hit the working sets. I recommend calculating your numbers before class so you can come in ready to squat.

B. Conditioning


3 Burpees

3 Pull ups

3 Thrusters (135/95)

This is meant to be fast, scale accordingly.

rest exactly 3 minutes then:


ME Wallballs.

Crush this.

Record two scores. Total reps in the 7 min AMRAP and total wallballs in the 3 min AMRAP.

Extra Credit: GHD Sit ups

Accumulate 50-100 in as few sets as possible. You may record your score on the whiteboard. Your score is total sit ups/how many sets it took you. Lowest possible sets would be 1 if you went unbroken. So, if it took me 3 sets to complete 100 my score would be "100/3"

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