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WOD - Monday, 8/6/2018

3 RFQ:
50ft Overhead Walking Lunge with plate (light)
25ft Handstand walk (50ft Bear Crawl)
12 Medball Cleans

A. Strength: Front Squat (Week) (21:00)
1 x 8 @ 65%
1 x 8 @ 70%
1 x 6 @ 80%
1 x 6 @ 85%

This is intentionally the same weights/reps as last week. If you did this last week your goal is to make each rep faster, more confident, feel better. If you were behind a week or two on the cycle this is a great opportunity to catch up!

B. CFCI CrossFit Games Event #1
5-8-13 reps of:
Strict Handstand push-ups (Kipping = scaled)
Double kettlebell deadlifts (70s/53s)
30 Alternating Overhead Lunges with Plate (45/35, 15/15)

Extra Credit: Try the CFCI Games Week R.O.W. (Floater score)

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