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WOD - Monday, 9/12/2016

First of all, I'd like to congratulate all the people who endured the 343 burpees for our 9/11 memorial workout. On a day that is emotional for all of us, I hope you found this workout to be as brutally beautiful as I did. There's no better day than 9/11 to prove you're ready for anything - and nothing represents falling down and picking yourself up better than a burpee - and as grueling as it was we persevered. I feel lucky and honored to get to do such a meaningful workout with such beautiful people. Thank you.

Mobility: Hips, knees, ankles



5 Box jumps (step down)

7 Goblet squats

9 KBs (USSR)

A. Strength: Front squat (Wave cycle, week 9: conclusion) (22 minutes)

WE are going to find a new front squat 1RM.

suggested* working sets:

1. 5 x @~30-50 (rest ~:90 - 2:00)

2. 3-5 x @~60 (rest ~:90 - 2:00)

3. 3 x @~70% (rest ~:90 - 2:00)

4. 1 x @~80% (rest ~:90 - 2:00)

5. 1 x @~88% (rest ~2:00 - 3:00)

6. 1 x @~95% (rest ~3:00)

7. 1 x @+101%

Finding a 1RM is different for different people. This rep scheme might not work for everyone bu its solid guideline and will work for most people. If you have a scheme in mind that you think would work be better for you run it by your coach first and go for it.

B. Conditioning:


Goblet squats (70/53)

Pull ups

Time cap: 10 minutes

Extra Credit: GHD Sit ups

accumulate 50-100

Driving to home from the box after crushing a new 1RM. 

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