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WOD - Monday, 9/3/2018 (Labor Day)

Labor Day Schedule:

  • AM classes as usual (6/7/8)
  • Midday Open Gym 10:30AM - 1:30PM
  • PM Open Gym 6PM-8PM

For Quality:
DB Clusters (Light)
100m jog after each set

A. Strength: Thrusters (8:00)

Work up to a heavy triple.

The triple should be at least 20% more weight than the weight you plan hitting for Part B.

For time:
100 Thrusters (135/95)
EMOTM 5 Burpees

Scaled (95/65)
3 burpees

Time Cap: 30 minutes

Score = the time you finished the 100th Thruster. If you get capped your score will be total thrusters at the cap.

The workout starts with Burpees.

In 1969, Bob Kalsu decided to forgo a promising career as a professional football player to fight in the Vietnam War - 18 months later he made the ultimate sacrifice and lost his life serving. 


Today, we will honor this Hero's life and sacrifice with this brutal workout. 

Thank you, Mr. Kalsu.


If you are interested in Kalsu's story click here:

Coach's Notes:

The Attack Plan
Since "Kalsu" can be overwhelming once you realized what’s really involved, a strategy on tackling it is way helpful before you start.

1. If this is your first time doing "Kalsu" we recommend you scale the weight down. Especially if you’re new to CrossFit. Choose a weight that’s challenging, keeping in mind that you’re doing 100 reps. We will help you determine what weight to scale down to. Pick a weight you know you plan on doing at least 10 unbroken in the first minute.
2. Crank out as many thrusters as you can in the first 2 rounds then start doing a low number of reps. For example, do 10 thrusters the first two minutes (after the burpees), then go down to 5 thrusters and down to less if you need to (even if it’s two!).
3. Try to be consistent every minute for as long as you can - then adjust and continue being consistent at the new rep count. For example, hit 6 thrusters until you can’t do that amount. Then do 5 for as long as you can...and so on.

4. At the end - when you're at your limit, try to get at least 2 Thrusters per minute. You want to avoid getting into the dreaded "Black Hole." A "Black Hole" is when you get to a point where you are no longer getting any thrusters and your stuck doing burpees without getting any closer to finishing.

When you come to the gym without checking the WOD and see on the whiteboard its "Kalsu"

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