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WOD - Saturday, 1/19/2019

For Quality
Double KB Cleans (Light)
Single Leg DLs (each Leg)
Game Style Burpees

Strength: Front Squat (1 x 3)
Build to a heavy triple.
Rx = From the ground. (1 [full] Clean + 2 Front Squats)


EMOTM 20 (10 rounds)
5 KB Front Squats (70/53)
7 Deadlifts (225/155)

DL Should be light enough to go unbroken for most of the EMOTM
Score is weight for each movement. Only counts if you complete all reps each minute.


Extra Credit: Open Prep
3 Rounds
15 Cal Row
15 BFB (Open Standards)
50 Double unders

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