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WOD - Saturday, 10/13/2018



3 RFQ:

10 KBs (USSR)

10 Star-Position Plank Rotations (5/5, hold a light DB if you're a hotshot)

20 Hollowrocks

3 Sandbag Cleans

A. Odd Object Manipulation (40:00)

3 Stations. 12 minutes at each station (2:00 transition between stations)

Station 1: Yoke
100 ft x up to 7 trips (quality)
Rx = Add 1.25 bodyweight. (If you weight 180#, the yoke should have 270 additional pounds)

Station 2: Farmers Carry (with torpedoes)
100ft x up to 7 trips
Rx = add bodyweight to torpedoes (if you weigh 180, add 90# per hand)

Station 3: Sled Push (outside)
100ft x up to 7 trips, AFAP
Rx = Add bodyweight to sled.

Extra Credit:
30 Rainbow T2B
45 GHD SUs
60 Ab-Mat Sit-Ups

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