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WOD - Saturday, 10/6/2018


2 RFQ:

400m Medball run

100ft Walking Lunge (there and back)

A. Strength/Power/Grunt Work: Sled Drags / Butcher Pushes

10 x 100ft (50ft/50ft)

Complete each 100ft drag or push AFAP.

Rest about :90 between rounds.

Rx = +80% of your body weight to sled. You should be able to complete 50ft unbroken. Scale accordingly.

Coach's Notes:

I know some of you might look at this skeptically but I promise you if done correctly your body will thank you later. Pushing heavy sleds fast is awesome for building strong powerful legs and its a lot of fun.

B. Conditioning


500m Row

20 T2B

Extra Credit: ARMS!
3 x
20 Alt. DB Curls AHAP
25 Triceps banded pull downs (AFAP)

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