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WOD - Saturday, 11/10/2018

Todadys the day of the big party!!

Party kicks off at 9. Hope to see you there.

A. Strength: Turkish GU (10:00)
Work to a heavy 1
Record heaviest both arms could get up.

B. Conditioning
With teammate
8 Burpees
4 Sandbag Cleans (100/70)

Rest 2:00

16 USSR KBs (53/35)
32 Double unders

Rest 2:00

Repeat for one more round of each.

One partner works at a time, full rounds then switch. "Resting" partner must be holding a plank. "Working" partner may not accumulate reps if "Rester" isn't planking.

Score is total reps of entire workout.

When the full WOD is posted on the website....

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