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WOD - Saturday, 11/11/2017

Tonight (11/11) will be hosting our 3 year anniversary party!!! Come ready to party!!

8:30 pm: Doors open, food and drinks

10:00ish: The 2017 Coney Awards!

Formal attire.



12 single-arm DB overhead lunges (switch arms after 6)

12 DB snatches (Open standards, work on smooth hand pass)

6 Box jump overs

A. Conditioning
In team of 3
For time
100 Cal row
100 Box jump overs
100 DB snatches
100 WBs
100 DB snatches
100 Box jump overs
100 Cal Row.

Time Cap 30 minutes

Extra Credit: Get ready to PAAAARTTAAAYYYY

Lets be real, this is basically how Coach Elie dances.

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