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WOD - Saturday, 11/17/2018

1500/1200m Row
Keep the intensity here moderate and allow yourself to get into a flow for a second. Focus on your rowing technique here.
Your montra here should be, "Legs/Body/Arms/Arms/Body/Legs"

A. Strength: Bent–over Row (1 x 8)
Build to a HEAVY 8
You may use a barbell, KBs or DBs for these rows. Find a weight that allows you to get 8, but not 10.

B: Metcon
500m Row
50 Double Unders (100 singles)
100 Ft Farmers Carry/Suitcase carry (50/50, 53/35)*

*For the carry, one arm will be in the front rack position while the other holds the weight to your side in a suitcase carry. Switch after 50ft.

Extra Credit: V-UPs
100 for time

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