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WOD - Saturday, 2/10/2018


3 RFQ:

8 DB Suitcase DL* (right)

8 Single-arm DB Over Head walking Lunge (4/4)

8 DB Suitcase DL (left)

8 Single Arm DB OHS (4 right / 4 left) 

*DB Suitcase Deadlift:

Deadlift one DB starting from the outside of your feet. Try to keep your body as squared as possible (fight the urge to shirt or turn with the weight).

A. Strength: Bulgarian Split Squat (15:00)

3 x 8, each side. Find a weight that's heavy but doable.

B. Conditioning: workout from 1/20/2018

7 rounds for time of:
14 DB Deadlifts (50/35)
14 Alt. DB Strict Shoulder Presses (7/7, 50/35)

Cap: 15 minutes

Extra Credit: So the W.O.W.

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